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Hats happen to be the sole items that are bought with gold. Although some are likely to serve as makeup features, others can supply the user with unique bonuses covering the gamut from simpler snow movement to inactive health regeneration. Although numerous hats can be bought, just a single may be had on at any point in time. There are some facts on hats that include free hats.

Table Of Free Hats

Presently, there’re 11 free hats and an overall of 27 hats that are purchasable in this game. Moreover, there’re 11 hats that are present in this game file and yet are unobtainable now. Below, we discuss some facts on the hats that include the free hats. free hats

The Name Of Free Hats all hats are listed below.

  • Moo Head
  • Pig Head
  • Fluff Head
  • Pandou head
  • Bear head
  • Monkey head
  • Vanity item
  • Polar head
  • Fez Hat
  • Enigma Hat – Vanity item, founded on the characteristic Mootuber branded as Enigma
  • Blitz Hat – Vanity item, founded on the characteristic Mootuber branded as Blitz
  • Bob XIII hat -Vanity item, founded on the characteristic Mootuber branded as Bob XIII
  • Bummle Hat
  • Straw Hat
  • Winter Cap – lets you move at a standard velocity in the arctic. These are grand for near the beginning if you’re staying in/in close proximity to the snowy region, but are able to be replaced later by the more usual-use Booster Hat
  • Cowboy Hat
  • Ranger hat
  • Explorer hat
  • Flipper Hat – Presents you with 50% additional resistance to the waterway’s current. You must try and make use of it when traversing the River
  • Marksman Cap – Add to the velocity and greatest distance of any of the arrows that you shoot. You must make use of it when making use of the bow/ crossbow
  • Bush Gear – Your name, as well as health, can’t be viewed by individuals who aren’t part of your tribe. The thing that you are grasping to is able to be viewed through.
  • And more

Unreleased Hats

Besides the free hats and the ones that you can purchase in this game. There’re a few hats that are present in “game files” that are not there in the game now.

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