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If you are playing the most trending game with the vl.6.8 update, you must be wondering about secret weapon 2019 in the game.

What is Secret Weapon 2019? is one of the most famous Survival multiplayer game, which is rapidly gaining its fandom among io gamers. If you are playing one of the most trending io game designed by Sidney De Vries, you must be wondering about secret weapon. Majority of the players who have seen the vl.6.8 game update are curious about the secret weapon. These weapons are powerful but hidden items in the game.

How to Play the Game with Secret Weapon 2019? is a survival game where the players need to survive longest and collect as many resources to build their village. The game allows the users to collect point by hitting the trees and bushes while protecting their base windmill from other players. This protecting and collection of points is done by using different weapons. This secret weapon 2019 is considered as the most important tool in the game as they are the only medium through which the player can defend themselves. Primarily there are two major classes of weapons: Melee and ranged. secret weapon 2019

Weapons in Game

Melee weapons are short range weapon used in while the ranged ones aim and hit the target from a distance. Each weapon has their pros and cons such as melee are only good for a short distance while the ranged one slows the player down. However, apart from Melee, a primary and secondary weapon in the game are set to have a hidden secret weapon. Some of the most famous and commonly used weapons in are:

  1. Muskets: Muskets are slow at the fire by leaves a higher damage. These weapons are replaced by Repeater Crossbow in the previous version but later added back in the latest updates.
  2. Diamond weapons: Diamond Variants are updated form of Gold weapons leaving a total of 18% more damage.
  3. Katana: Katana weapons are known for their good range and higher damage however it is an evolved form of an initially melee weapon.
  4. And daggers: Daggers are the fastest yet close distant weapon with a damage of 20 per hit.

Has Anybody Found This Secret Weapon?

There are many people claiming to find the secret weapon but none so have been confirmed to find the secret weapon 2019. Few have claimed to discover it while others are still on the point that there is no secret weapon updated in the game yet. There are many game video bloggers who are claiming to find the secret weapon in form of Golden Musket. However, the game files even don’t support the idea that secret weapon exists in the current updated versions.

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