How To Use Bots?

If you cannot easily progress in a particular game, using the bots can surely be helpful for you. bots are small tools or apps, which can do a number of functions for you. Apart from games, they’re also used in a number of programs, by developers.

Bots are small tools, which are programmed to do some tasks in an automated way, and you can also find bots, which can automate the complete game of, or some tasks within the game. The bots are not at all promoted by the developers, and thus if you’re looking a bot for the particular game, you should find it from the other websites available on the Internet. But there are a number of limitations of using bots.

Finding Bots

If you want to find bots, you will have to search on the Internet for the same. After you find the results, you will have to check the bots, which are available on various websites available to you. From them, you can view the details of the bots, and choose the appropriate one for you. After you choose the appropriate one, you can start using the bot, but you should check, whether the bot comes with any kind of malware or not. You should also read the reviews. bots

Using Bots

After you download the bots to your computer, you can use it. But one thing you should make sure about the bots is that, you cannot play the game of with the bots on the official website. You have to play the game on a different website, where you will get all the similar functionalities of the original website. You can make a very high score, take a screenshot of it, and share it with your friends to show off the highest score.


Sometimes, it might happen that the bots will not run on your computer, if your computer is having an antivirus program installed within it. You should disable your antivirus, while playing the game, and you will not face any kind of issues after that. You can also report the bots as false positive, which is also a great way of protecting your computer and using the bots at the same time. Bots Features

  1. Auto Heal (Press T) – on/off settings from the title of window of your browser
  2. AutoBull Mode (Press T) – on/off settings from the title of window of your browser
  3. Improved Minimap
  4. Hidden trap placing (Press F)
  5. Fast Spike placing (Press V)
  6. Polearm and crossbow combo (Press R) – requires to have bull helmet and monkey tail. Bots (need tampermonkey or others below)

You must have [CLICK which one you want]

VirusTotal Scan: Bots

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