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With structures, you can build your own base or damage enemies. One of the most important elements in the game is to use the units called structures in the right place and at the right time. Each of the structures has different levels of health. They can show resistance according to these levels. In addition, in order to establish each structure, you must have a certain amount of wood, stone or food. Structures Help Combat During the Game structures are useful for players. Each player follows a set of unique attributes as per their abilities and learns about the game.  Learning about the structures is important for the players as they have to use it in combat and build bases.

Structures are the one to place on These structures benefit the player and the team. There are different structures and they are used commonly for bases, combat, and to fight rarely mining and bosses. Structures Types

Different types of structures used include:

For Combat:

  • Turret: Turrets are useful to shoot out projectiles and these damage 25 without any accessories or hats. They reload in every 2.2 seconds and have team wearing EMP helmet and 800 health and lock onto players. Players need to have 200 wood and 150 stones to build the Turret.
  • Teleporter: They are good to retreat when you are not aware of the place you may be getting teleported, while the attacking player may not follow you. The health of the Teleporter is 200. Players need to have 60 wood and 60 stones to build the Teleporter.
  • Spikes: The spike type varies and the damage is not much. Of course, poison spikes may cause extra damage spreading poison. The health of the Spikes are 400. Players need to have 20 wood and 5 stones to build the Spikes.
  • Boost Pad: It helps getting away quickly. The health of the Boost Pad is 150. Players need to have 5 wood and 20 stones to build the Boost Pad.
  • Pit Traps: It is invisible to do something when someone steps in. It is because one gets trapped until break through. There are 500 healths in Pit Traps. Players need to have 30 wood and 30 stones to build the Pit Traps.
  • Poison Spikes: It has the power to push away and damage enemies approaching this unit. The health of the Poison Spikes are 600. Players need to have 35 wood and 15 stones to build the Poison Spikes. structures

For Bases:

  • Spawn Pad: The spawn pad is useful when you go on a journey in your bases. If you die, it is useful for one use only, it means you spawn there only. The health of the Spawn Pad is 400. Players need to have 100 wood and 100 stones to build the Spawn Pad.
  • Healing Pad: You can increase your character’s health level with this unit. The health of the Healing Pad is 400. Players need to have 30 wood and 10 food to build the Healing Pad.
  • Windmill: Depending on the gold gains, the Windmill type is decided. The health of the Windmill is 400. Players need to have 50 wood and 10 stones to build Windmill.
  • Walls: Different wall types’ features different health and it can make an invading players life hard if they miss the front door. The walls are Castle Wall, Stone Wall and Wood Wall.
  • Sapling: Players can use this as it can mine to get infinite health and wood.
  • Mine: Get stone from this stone mine and it has infinite health. Use saplings and stone mine next to a resource and do advance mining. The health of the Mine is infinite.
  • Power Mill: The Power Mill is the highest level gold producing unit in the game. The health of the Power Mill is 800. Players need to have 100 wood and 50 stones to build Power Mill.
  • Blocker: When you install the Blocker, it blocks the building ability of the enemies within the effect area. The health of the Blocker is 400. Players need to have 30 wood and 25 stones to build the Blocker.

Tips to Place Structures

Save your pit traps and turrets for your base. They are good guards to rely for combat on your trusty weapons.

Make defendable bases using structures out of turrets, stone, and pit traps at the desert corner or in the boss arena entrance. These are easy to defend positions. However, wear the bull helmet if you are using the boss arena, so that you escape from two good guards and from players. In addition, some players want to use scripts to win the game easily.

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