MooMooio Controls Guide

moomooio controls game is a classic survival io game. You must know the game rules and use the Moomooio controls well. In this game, you must survive as much as possible and strengthen your character. So you can get a better score and reach the first crown. Then, you can win the game.

MooMooio Controls

Every game is based on the availability of controls. Someone might ask, “What is a control in a game?” Well, don’t worry anymore because it is through this article that you will get to understand what control is. It is very crucial for you to understand Moomooio controls and how they work so that you can actually get to master how to play a game as far as is concerned. There are various controls that help you as a player to have total control of your gaming. They are also basic but helpful functions.

moomooio controls

Basic MooMooio Controls: Moving up, left, down, and right

Let start with moving right. When playing one of the games, movement is very necessary. Just like in the real world where we need to move towards the left, right, down, and up. games also take into consideration movements as well. In order to move towards up or basically upwards movements, you need to long-press “W” on the keyboard. Note: various keyboards consider “W” a different function and you need to be aware of that. Let’s proceed; to move towards the left, long-press the letter, “A” and this will take you towards the left. To move downwards, press “S” on your keyboard and to move to the right, press “D”. However, you need to be aware of the idea that long-pressing gives you extensive moves while short press gives short moves.

  • Movement: W, A, S, D
  • Auto Attack: E
  • Look: Mouse
  • Gather/Attack: Mouse or Space
  • Select Item: 1-9 or Click
  • Add Map Marker: C
  • Chat: Enter Key
  • Quick Select Food: Q
  • Lock Rotation: X
  • Ping Minimap: R
  • Close Windows: ESC

Aiming, Shooting and Activating Auto-shoot

With Moomooio controls, you will have an opportunity to learn various functions such as shooting, auto-shoot, aiming, and locking movements or rotations. Now, how do we aim for a target? In order for you to aim, you need to move the cursor and direct it towards the target. It is just like when you are aiming an arrow at the preset target before shooting. That is one of the easiest controls where you simply aim your cursor towards the target.

How about shooting or hitting your target? This is also another very important move in your games that utilizes controls. The control function for this move is that you simply need to click the left arrow on your keyboard or you can also hit the space bar on your keyboard. That sounds easy because it doesn’t involve using two keys at the same time. On the other hand, the auto-shoot means enhancing a function where hitting is automatically unleashed as soon as the target has been aimed and locked.

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