Available MooMooio Resources

moomooio resources

Moomooio resources are the basic materials that are used to construct buildings and prepare food. Some resources are generated by buildings while others are collected by hitting their source using a tool.

In Moomooio you need to build your farm so as to earn points. You not only need to build your farm, but you also need to protect it from other players. You must advance through various stages of the game to unlock new items and resources.

To gather Moomooio resources, you have to hit bushes, rocks, and trees. You can also attack the other players to gather resources. Once you have gathered enough resources, you can then make buildings and build other items to generate points and to protect your farm. For the monster characters in the Moomoo.io game, you should check out the Moomoo.io mobs guide.

Currently Available Moomooio Resources

There are several currently available resources. Some of them include the following;

  • Food

Food is one of the most important Moomooio resources. It is a resource that players can obtain from berry bushes. The resource is primarily used to prepare food. Remember you need food to survive, be powerful and increase in size.

Food is primarily used in food items such as Pizzas, Apples, and Cookies as a means to heal a player. Food is also used in the Health Pads.

moomooio resources

  • Wood

Wood is another important resource and it can be obtained from the trees. Even though it has many other uses, wood is mainly used to create buildings.

  • Gold

Gold is another important Moomooio resource and it is obtained from windmills. If you are new to Moomooio game, then may not be aware of what windmills are. Well, the windmill is a kind of a building in Moomooio, and it is the base building for all the players. It requires 10 stones and 50 wood to create, and it generates gold over time.

  • Stone

Stone is another important resource and it is obtained from the rocks. Stone is mainly used to create buildings.


Buildings in the game of Moomooio are structures that players can construct using resources. The buildings are one of the targets of your enemies and they can be destroyed if they are attacked. Some of the buildings that are currently available include:

  • Boost pad
  • Stone wall
  • Windmill
  • Spikes
  • Wood wall
  • Pit trap
  • Building blocker
  • Health pad
  • Stone mine
  • Faster windmill

When gathering Moomooio resources, you will use WASD to move, and use the mouse to aim and attack.

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