Assassin Gear assassin gear

Most game lovers can’t resist playing with assassin gear. With assassin gear, it would be almost impossible to beat you especially if other players have no idea how to make it work against you or if they don’t know how to handle it. This item is a very strong hat and you need to collect a lot of gold in the game to have it. Assassin Gear assassin gear may not be of much help if you don’t know how to use it technically. But before you learn how to use it, there are some basic things you should know. First, you should know that technically, you will turn invisible when you stay for 1 second without attacking or moving. Secondly, you should know that technically, you will not eat food. Besides, your movement speed will increase tremendously. Precisely, your speed will increase to 110% normal speed.

You need to have 20,000 gold to get this item. We have highlighted for you some of the best strategies on how to use assassin gear and get the most out of it. assassin gear

  • Turn invisible in well-traveled spots and surprise your enemies

Pair with high DPS weapons like Daggers, or the Bull Helmet and hide in a very well-traveled spot where several enemies are likely to come to or pass through. As usual, you will stay invisible because you will hide for more than a second. So, when the enemies come, you will be able to surprise them and destroy them with your weapons. In case they don’t have the Soldier Helmet, you can simply get a Musket and Diamond Polearm and then kill them.

  • Wear assassin gear to disappear silently during the battle

Maybe you would want to disappear in the middle of a battle but you don’t want to draw the attention of your enemies and other opponents. In such a case, simply wear assassin gear.

  • Unequip to heal

If you lose health during the battle, simply unequip very quickly so that you can heal very fast. After healing, re-equip it and start attacking your enemies again.

  • Catch a Mob to protect yourself from Turrets

Even if you go invisible, Turret Gear and Turrets will still attack you. To stop this, simply catch a Mob in the Pit Trap for protection. The Turret will fire at the Mob instead of firing at you. This will keep you safe at least for some time.

  • Place structures to remain invisible

You are always safer when you are invisible. When you are visible, simply place Structures for you to remain invisible. This will confuse your opponents.

You must obtain this hat to have all of the features described above. Then it will be easier to destroy enemies. You’ll need 20,000 gold to get this item.

In addition, Bull hetmet is another different type of hat.

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