Diamond Weapons diamond weapons is an exciting io game in which you survive and build your own castle. You can increase your power with Diamond weapons in this game which has many weapon types. In this game, you must build your castle by collecting some resources and improving your player. You must use many weapons and items to do this. Diamond Weapons

The most important tools in the game are weapons because they are your primary method of defending yourself, and they are your primary tools for attacking Mobs and other players. Players also use weapons as the main method to gather resources. There are different variants of weapons which are normal weapons, Emerald weapons, Diamond weapons, Gold weapons, and Ruby weapons. Diamond weapons are the third variant of the normal weapons in the game. Compared to other weapons, Moomooio Diamond weapons are more potent. For you to unlock this third variant of normal weapons in the, you have to gather 7,000 resources with a weapon. You need to up your game in order to be able to gather these weapons.

Moomooio Diamond weapons are an upgrade from the Gold weapons. To obtain the Gold weapons, a player needs to gather 3,000 resources with a weapon. Diamond weapons are not the last variants of weapons in the game. There is the next variant of weapons, which are the Ruby weapons. To obtain Ruby weapons, you must gather 12,000 resources with a weapon. diamond weapons

Moomooio Diamond Weapon List?

Diamond weapons or items in the Moomooio game include the following:

  • Tool Hammer – (Damage: 30)
  • Hand Axe – (Damage: 35)
  • Daggers – (Damage: 24)
  • Katana – (Damage: 47)
  • Short Sword – (Damage: 41)
  • Great Axe – (Damage: 41)
  • Polearm – (Damage: 53)
  • Stick – (Damage: 1)
  • Bat – (Damage: 24)
  • Hunting Bow – (Damage: 25)
  • Great Hammer – (Damage: 12)
  • Crossbow – (Damage: 35)
  • Wooden Shield
  • Mc Grabby
  • Repeater Crossbow – (Damage: 25)
  • Musket – (Damage: 50)

Why Were Diamond Weapons Added? Diamond weapons were added in the game to give players more reasons to fight hard and obtain the weapons and to make the whole gaming experience more competitive, more interesting, and more addictive.

Compared to the regular weapon variants, Diamond weapons deal 18 percent more. This means that with Diamond weapons, you are more powerful and better placed to win the game as compared to a player with only regular weapon variants.

There are some Diamond weapons that will appear invisible. For example, the hunting bow will appear invisible and only the arrow will show because there is no sprite.

Moomooio Diamond weapons were added in the game in version 0.891. However, after much experimenting, players came to realize that these weapons were actually not in the game. For this reason, many Moomooio players concluded that Diamond weapons were just a joke. After the complaint from many players, 0.892 actually added the Diamond weapons to the game. After that, players have never complained again. Another weapon category type in this game is emerald weapons.

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