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Weapons are among the most critical basic tools in the game. They are what you use to smash your enemies and eat their pellets. Today, we are going to talk about daggers in this famous multiplayer battle game. daggers are really fast weapons that every player should not only strive to have but should also make good use of.


  • daggers swing 10 times a second. This means that it swings three times faster than the Tool Hammer.
  • This weapon deals 20 damage to the player per hit.
  • If this weapon class is gold, it deals 22 damage to players or structures per hit.
  • If this weapon class is diamond or ruby, it deals 23.6 damage to players or structures per hit.
  • These weapons allow you to move at 13% more speed or 113% of normal speed. In other words, your movement speed when you are attacking with daggers is 113% and your attack speed is 0.1 seconds at a range of 65px. It is a really fast melee weapon.
  • These weapons have a small knockback. They are unlocked at Age 2 particularly as an alternative to the Stick, Bat, Hand Axe, Short Sword, and Polearm. daggers Daggers Strategies daggers are very effective especially against short-range weapons, such as the Great Axe and Hand Axe. So, you should use it more against these weapons to get the most out of them. However, daggers are not as effective as long-range weapons, such as the Katana, Bat and Polearm.

Upgrading to daggers gold and ruby/diamond view is quite simple. To get gold daggers, you must collect 3000 resources. If you want to have ruby/diamond daggers, you should have a total of 7000 resources.

You should not fear using the auto-hit button (E). You can dodge slower hits from your enemies by using your fast movement. Use daggers with the Blood Wings and, or Dark Night to heal very fast. These weapons are excellent for chasing after Ducks in the game because you will be almost as fast as the Ducks. Use the Daggers against Wolves and Bulls, as you are faster than them.

Capitalize on the Ruby Daggers and attack a player continuously as this will force him to heal often since Ruby bleeds usually affect deal damage with time. If this is paired with the ridiculous attack speed of daggers, the attacked players may not be able to heal fast or within the normal time.

It also means that the hit player may either die for not being able to heal fast, or run out of food and then die. And if that player heals fast and survive, he may be falsely identified in the game as a hacker and even get the shame! Hat. You should equip with Bull Helmet in order to attack an overpowering speed and damage. To negate any bull helmets drain, use Blood Wings. In addition, one of the most different weapons in the game is the stick.

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