Emerald Weapons emerald weapons emerald weapons are the most special weapon type in the game. These weapons are attached to the game files but are not active in the game. We are able to define some weapon characteristics based on the details of the game files and known weapon details. emerald weapons can now only be accessed by the maker of the game, but later on, these weapons can be active and everyone can use them.

Do You Know Emerald Weapons?

The sweetness of every game is achieved by the availability of weapons associated with it. With games, we have the emerald weapons. These are basically weapons that help you protect yourself and survive longer in the game as much as possible. It is very crucial to be aware of all the weapons and what they do and also how to access and utilize them. Although some of the emerald weapons are still being regularly updated, it is important to know what types of weapons are available for you to be able to enjoy such a game more. Another weapon category type in this game is Diamond weapons. emerald weapons

The Updated Weapon Sets in Emerald Hand Axe: This weapon has been designed in such a normal axe. With that idea at hand, this is a weapon that serves the same purpose as the ordinary axe. With this weapon, there are two things you can do as far as playing weapons related games is concerned. The first thing that you can do with this hand axe is to protect yourself from the enemies. Secondly, you can use it to cut barrier when trying to access certain location at different levels of the game. Emerald Bat: This is a normal bat just like the sports bat. In weapons, the bat is a weapon but it is used for protection only. However, after advancing to a different level of the game the rules associated with accessing the bat is different from those associated with the other weapons. Now it is upon you to decide which weapon to use but if you lobe batting, then just use the bat. In fact. This is the easiest to use as well as to access if we compared it with other weapons. Emerald Hunting and Repeater CrossBow: These are two weapons that look similar but their functionality has been updated so as to bring about a difference. If you have just downloaded the app, then the next thing is to find out how these two weapons are used. However, the basis of these two is that whereas the hunting bow functions but just throwing an arrow and on the other hand, the repeater bow has a special ability. That ability is that is can hold more than one arrow and it repeatedly fires an arrow. Other weapons in this game include a great axe, great hammer and daggers.

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