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“Great Axe” in the game of plays the part of a self-protective weapon incorporated in update 0.68. great axe is a weapon in the game of Moomooio that gets upgraded from “Hand Axe” and it is given at the age of 8. Below we discuss this weapon.

The great axe lets the player move more speedily. It’s almost as comparable for an individual having a katana with the booster hat and perhaps shadow wings. The fact is that is equipped with this weapon is going to help you in going at a fast pace.

An Intro To Great Axe

As has been listed in the “info” box, the great axe is capable of inflicting 35 damage, which is the same as the damage that is inflicted by a “short sword.” Despite not possibly being the finest killing weapon, it amasses 4 times the amount of resources compared to a sword. This is the reason for which it’s the simplest weapon to get upgraded to “Golden Great Axe” as it amasses 4 resources. You can easily kill your distant enemies with the crossbow, but with the great axe, you can easily kill the nearby enemies. great axe

More Facts on The Great Axe great axe gets unlocked at the age of 8, in conjunction with “Crossbow,” and “Katana,” and is only acquirable in the event of the player already having the Hand Axe. With “Great Axe,” the player is able to amass 4 resources for every hit. “Great Axe” moreover deals 35 damage and it has a greater range compared to other resource amassing tools.

Accumulating 5,000 resources making use of it is going to transform it into “Gold Great Axe.”

When 10,000 Resources are gathered, it will become the “Diamond Great Axe”

“Great Axe” bears much resemblance to the “double-sided Hand Axe”

“Great axe” is moreover the finest resources amassing weapon within the game.

Gold Variant

The obtaining of Gold Variant is possible by the getting of 4,500 resources by the use of the great axe. When “Golden Great Axe” is acquired, it is going to deal out 39 damage to each every single foe. A fun fact about the great axe is that at first, it was the name of the Hand Axe.

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