Characteristics Of Animals animals

You can find a number of animals, in the game, and each of them is unique. The animals in the game have their own powers, and can also help the users in a number of ways. You will be able to encounter the animals in the game of, from the very beginning of the game.

A few of the most common animals, which you can find in the arena, include pigs, cows, wolves, bulls, etc. With time, there may be a number of new animals, which can be added by the developers, and you can even give names to all the animals, which you can find in the arena. All the animals, which you can find in the game, are powered by artificial intelligence or AI, to make them seem real.

The Cow Among Animals

The first and the most common animal, which is one among the many animals, is the cow, which can be encountered on the first level of the game, or the age 1 of the game. The cow has an animal, having 500 HP. If a player is able to kill a cow in the arena, he can get 80 food, along with extra bonus of 150 gold. In addition, the cow will not attack you back, if you attack the animal. animals Pigs

The pig is the second most common animal, which is available in the game, and it has 800 HP. On killing a pig, the player can get 100 food, and 200 gold. The pig in the game has similar characters like that of a pig in the real world. Both cows and pigs can be trapped by the users, by using pit traps or boost pads.

Other Animals

Among the other animals, which you can find in the game include, wolves, bulls, etc. The mentioned animals have varying XP of 350 for wolves, 1925 for the bulls, which is quite massive. If you are able to kill them in the game, you can get food and gold, just like killing other animals in the game. On hitting the following animals, they will attack you back, and you will lose some of your health. In addition, players can find more information about the animals in the wiki. bosses refer to monsters that are out of all the animals in the game.

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