Crossbow crossbow crossbow is a resourceful offensive weapon that had been incorporated in update 0.68. The weapon gets upgraded from “Hunting Bow” and necessitates it to appear at the age of 8. Every single arrow can deal 35 damage while costing five wood. This weapon is just similar to the Hunting Bow while doing more damage.

The crossbow has a somewhat slower fire rate and its arrow velocity and range are boosted.

Technical Facts of Crossbow

Weighed against the Hunting Bow the Crossbow gets an arrow velocity and range boost. It is capable of dealing 35 damage in place of 25. Every single arrow presently costs five wood and not four. The arrow velocity and range of the crossbow are increasable once more by having the hats which are Marksman Hat/ Samurai Armor.

“Crossbow” does the identical quantity of damage as “Golden Crossbow.” There isn’t any damaging change. In addition, “Crossbow” has the greatest DPS amongst the ranged weapons in this game, over “Musket.”

“Crossbow” is a lengthy-range weapon in this game and it’s achieved at the age of 8, in conjunction with “Katana” and “Great Axe.” crossbow Crossbow Strategy

If you have Samurai Armor on, the power of your crossbow is going to be boosted. You have the option of taking players down more efficiently with mentioned hat & even better when making use of platforms, and it’s going to be harder for foes to flee and hide from you. Moreover, attempt holding “Crossbow” with “Bush Gear” on and follow up by facing “Crossbow” to a resource for having “Crossbow” covered. Other participants are going to mistake you for a regular Bush.

Due to the fact that it costs wood for shooting, it would be prudent to have it paired with an Axe for quicker Wood amassing & quicker movement.


“Crossbow’s a secondary weapon having range attacks. Achieving 5,000 resources by the use of it makes it become “Golden Crossbow.” Nevertheless, “Crossbow” can achieve resources only by killing of Animals that include Bulls as well as cows. Achieving 10,000 resources with the crossbow makes it the Diamond Crossbow. It is only obtainable by the killing of animals. You can easily kill your distant enemies with the Crossbow. However, you can easily kill the nearby enemies with the great axe.

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