Hand Axe hand axe hand axe is a tool present in that is available at the Age of 2, as a substitute to “Short sword.” It has the shape of a standard woodsman axe, having a straight handle as well as a metallic axehead. This is somewhat lengthier also. Belo, we look at some key facts about the “handle axe.”

Technical Features Of Hand Axe

The hand axe is capable of dealing 30 damage, therefore, taking 4 strikes for killing a foe at complete health. It lets the player mine gold worth 6 points and not 5 points as it hits a Gold mine. It gets together a couple of resources for every hit and not a single. However, it has a somewhat slower hit velocity compared to “tool hammer” and “sword.”

The player doesn’t lose speed of movement as it upgrades to the hand axe, thus remaining speedier compared to Sword & Katana.


In the early stages of this game, “Hand Axe” had originally been nerfed for lessening movement pace. Recent updates are the reason behind the removal of this debuff.

In spite of hand axe being greater sized compared to ‘Short Sword,” the player movement is speedier when equipped with “Hand Axe” than “Short Sword.” hand axe

“Hand Axe” is upgradable to “Great Axe” at the age of 8.

On 5,000 resources being mined with it, it’s going to become “Golden Hand Axe.”

On 10,000 resources being mined with it, it’s going to become ‘Diamond Hand Axe.”

Tactic Of Hand Axe

In spite of combat with “hand Axe” being possible, this isn’t suggested since “Hand Axe” deals not as much damage and features a more sluggish hit velocity compared to a good number of weapons.

Find an excellent place for mining resources and quickly upgrading to a more potent weapon.

For getting a superior offence, velocity and resource amassing rate, do upgrade to “Great Axe” from “ hand axe” at the age of 8. There is also the likelihood to get upgraded to “Crossbow” followed by “Musket.” In the event of you fighting a foe having the short sword and you running out of food, make use of the food truce in which each of you takes a rest for gathering food. Given that you will assemble twice the amount of food as them, you are most likely to win the fight on the completion of the truce. Many players use wooden shield to protect from this weapon.

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