Wooden Shield wooden shield wooden shield is a self-protective weapon incorporated in update 0.41. On being aimed properly, it is capable of blocking arrows totally and reducing 80% of the melee hits. The game Wooden Shield is amongst the couple of secondary tools. Stats are put down on the infobox that you’ll find in the game wiki page.

The wooden shield is a bent wooden piece having a metallic part in the center. Wooden Shield Technical Facts

The wooden shield blocks up any projectiles and totally cancels out their damage. Projectiles are still going to blow you back though. It lessens melee damage caused by 80%. It makes movement speed slower by 20%. At the time that you farm 5,000 resources, this becomes gold wooden shield, but you’re unable to farm resources using it.  You have the option of tricking it, though. In the event of you doing 10,000 Resources, you acquire “Diamond Shield.”

On being paired with “Soldier Helmet,” it defends 84% of Melee Damage. (80% Protection means 20% Taken, and 20% of 20% is 4%, and 80%+4%=84%, and Tested that it with soldier doesn’t protect all.) wooden shield

Strategies Of Moomooio Wooden Shields

An intelligent tactic that can be made use of for raiding/defending against foes is to have no less than a single shield-bearer at the very front of a set, blocking up arrows & turret bullets even as archers fire over the crown of them, defended against foe fire. shield is thought to be made use of in the form of a tool against archers. However, archers can frequently kite such shield carriers and/or flank them. For negating this, one has the option of utilizing Boost Pads for closing the distance. Blend this using a Katana (which numerous archers pass by for the Hand Axe for improving their kiting) and what you have is an efficient way of killing archers.

There is just a single known technique of acquiring the Gold Shield. You have got to make use of the Spikes/ Turret for killing animals and promptly make a switch to the wooden shield prior to the animal dying. As soon as you acquire 5k food from the killing of animals overall it becomes the gold variant.  The same holds true for “Diamond Shield” and yet you require 10K food for obtaining it. Fascinatingly, if whilst you have the shield ready, you make the switch to another item, for instance, cookie, the cookie is going to block the damage. Many players in the game may prefer hand axe for close attacks.

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