Musket musket musket is a weapon that had been incorporated in Version 0.85. It was previously accessible at the age of 10 and presently it’s an age-9 weapon. It is only going to show as an upgrade in the event of the player having a Crossbow. It can do 60 damage/ shot while taking 5 stone/ shot.

The musket is characterized by a sluggish reload time and is capable of shooting past structures by the use of Platforms. Presently, the most suggested way of countering “musket” is “tank build” having Shield, Katana, & Boost Pads. Musket Design

The musket is a lengthy, tube-sort of object. Fascinatingly, it is the sole thing in this till now that alters the location of the hands of a player when it’s held, with the player’s left hand being positioned somewhat out from his/her body.

Strategy Of Musket

“Musketeer hat” lessens the “Musket shot’s” cost (3 stone and not 5), which makes it an entitled option. On being timed appropriately, a couple of Muskets can immediately take a player’s life owing to their lofty damage.

On account of its speed and speedy resource amassing rate, “Hand Axe” is a potent collective with “Musket.” musket

If you are keen on an offensive boost, “Short Sword” is moreover potent with “Musket.” Nevertheless, a point to be noted is that the upgrading of ages and gathering of resources is going to be slower. Moreover, the movement velocity with” Short Sword” becomes less.

The Musket is pairable with the shield of another player, which is going to keep the player having the musket secure. By the amassing of 5,000 resources by the killing of animals, you are going to get a ‘golden musket” though it’s invisible as there isn’t any texture for it

By the amassing of 10,000 resources by the killing of animals, you are going to get a “diamond musket.” However, similar to “golden musket” it does not have any and thus it’s unseen. This is maddening as you’re never going to know when you’ve made the switch from golden to the diamond musket. In addition, If you are in close combat with opponents, short sword may be a good choice.

Musket Changelog

The musket was incorporated in the game in 5.08.17. Its move speed lessened and damage lessened to 45 in 14.08.17. In addition, its damage boosted up to 50 with its move velocity and fire rate decreasing heavily in 16.08.17. Its move velocity and damage boosted up to 60 in 11.09.17.

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