Great Hammer great hammer great hammer is the name of a secondary item of that’s unlockable at the Age of 6. The enormous Hammer includes a lengthy and brown colored rectangle that plays the part of a staff and a darkish grey colored block in close proximity to the top that plays the part of the head. Great Hammer Technical Facts

The great hammer has the capability of destroying Structures much more rapidly than any added weapon. It can deal 10 and 70 damage to non-structures and structures respectively. In addition, it amasses 1 resource point for each whack along with 5 gold points for each whack, which places it on the identical height as “Short Sword” and “Katana” when it comes to resource gathering. It is characterized by an attack velocity that’s on-par with “Hand Axe” & “Great Axe.” great hammer lessens move pace by 13%, which makes it 2% speedier compared to “Short Sword” and 7% speedier compared to “Katana.”

Strategy Of Great Hammer

As great hammer is designed for destroying Structures more rapidly, its part is poised among offense & defense.

For building, it lets a more suitable assignment of Structures since the participant will be capable of destroying them much speedier and obtaining building Resources more rapidly. great hammer

For raiding, it lets the player break into bases a great deal quicker and acquire food sooner.

On paired with “katana,” you can get the hammer in the hand of yours to draw near to a foe player fleeing and subsequently when within range, hit that player with “katana.” Due to Katana’s lofty DPS, you are going to kill him rather fast

The game’s great Hammer is extremely high-quality paired with Katana & booster hat since you’re going to run quicker compared to a handaxe to be able to pursue any individuals and subsequently make a switch to Katana on being close up to them. However, Many players may prefer hunting bow to effectively destroy distant enemies.


“Great Hammer” shares numerous resemblances to “Great Axe” that includes:

Each of them amassed resources on two occasions as fast. However, this was altered for the hammer to amass resources normally. Each hared a comparable design until each “Great Hammer” and “Great Axe” acquired a texture upgrade. Each of them played the part of a primary weapon, even if this had also been changed, dye to which “hammer” now plays the part of a secondary weapon. great hammeris amongst the five weapons incorporated in the game from the time it was released, the others being Platform, Bow, Crossbow, Katana, & Hand Axe. Amassing 5,000 resources using it is going to make it become “Gold Great Hammer” Amassing 10,000 resources using it is going to turn it into “Diamond Great Hammer.”

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