Resources Wiki resources is an io game with a survival theme. This game contains quite challenging stages. The most important of these stages is to collect resources and upgrade your character. Moomooio resources are divided into 4 separate categories, respectively food, stones, woods, and gold. Resources Categories

Most of the resources in a game are meant to enhance the survival of the player. Far from that, it is game depends so much on how well you can master the various categories of resources and how each individual resource can be applied in a specific situation. Just like any resource, the Moomooio resources are meant to enhance survival, growth, and advancement to the next game levels. Here are some of the resources worth being aware of and how to utilize them during gaming.

If you have just started, it is important to learn the biomes in the game because you must design your character according to these areas. resources Resources: The Food

Every soldier in a mission needs to survive long enough for him/her to reach his destination. Even with the fact that the whole adventure might prove challenging and dangerous, survival is a priority. Food is one of the resources in the game that will certainly make sure that you are healthy and will also help you survive, be strong, and remain in the game. Lack of food in most of the resource games results in death both in the short and in the long run.

The Stones and The Woods

Stones are crucial for two things. The first thing as far as resources game is concerned is that stones are a source of protection. When stones are used in constructing a house in which to shelter in, then it means that you are protected from intruders as well as rivals. On the other hand, you may use wood to build some parts of your house as well as making fires to keep you away from cold conditions. These are the basic but also very crucial resources as far as the resource game is concerned.

The Gold Resource

This is one of the resources that many players go for as soon as they start the game. Gold can be obtained through different methods. The first method is killing an opponent and accruing their gold. Secondly, you can get the gold resources by simply hitting the gold mine. It is at the gold mine where you can actually scoop as much gold as possible. However, there are rules in obtaining gold. The first rule is that you need to wear gold when gathering it. You need to wear either thief gear or scavenger gear when killing opponents before obtaining gold.

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