MooMooio Ages and Items

moomooio ages game is a multiplayer survival game. Generally, the basis of choosing a game revolves around whether a game is interesting or not. Secondly, with that, the gaming concept behind the Moomooio ages is that players will increase in terms of size and age as they go through various gaming stages. That means that you need to conquer various stages so that you can grow in terms of age and size as well. Have you heard of ages before? If not, then here are some of the insights about this particular game. ages will certainly make you have fun.

The Technical Elements of Moomooio Ages

There are a number of techniques that can help you increase in size and age. The first element that will make you increase in terms of size is when you harvest food. What happens when you harvest food in real life situations? It means that you have graduated from starving to plenty. That means that you will have enough to eat and advance in terms of age. With the Moomooio ages, it is very crucial to make sure that you harvest and see how it affects your age. That is the basis of this particular game and you will certainly enjoy it.

Secondly, there is the technical concept of wearing the windmill hat. What does the wearing a windmill hat? A windmill hat is basically a symbol of having the ability to use wind power in terms of making work easier. It is very crucial to make sure that you wear that hat so that you can increase in terms of age. Age increases gradually as you acquire more assets in the setting where you find yourself in.

Thirdly, the other stage is cutting wood. Cutting wood is a task that is technical in nature and it helps you grow in terms of age and size. It is very important to make sure that you cut wood technically just to make sure that you grow in terms of size and age.

moomooio ages

Killing mobs is also another concept that helps you increase in terms of age and in terms of strength. It is very crucial, therefore, not to skip this gaming concept as it is the basis of your growth and strength. Have you ever consider such a game where you grow in terms of size? Yes with Moomooio ages, you stand a chance to find exactly that.

The List of Moomooio Ages

Age Total XP
1 0
2 300
3 660
4 1,092
5 1,611
6 2,234
7 2,981
8 3,877
9 4,952
10 6,242

The Items by Age

  • Age 1: Tool Hammer, Wood Wall, Spikes, Windmill
  • Age 2: Daggers, Short Sword, Hand Axe, Polearm, Bat, Stick
  • Age 3: Stone Wall
  • Age 4: Boost Pad, Pit Trap
  • Age 5: Greater Spikes, Sapling, Faster Windmill, Mine
  • Age 6: Hunting Bow, Great Hammer, Wooden Shield
  • Age 7: Castle Wall, Platform, Healing Pad, Turret, Blocker, Teleporter
  • Age 8: Crossbow, Katana, Great Axe, Power Mill
  • Age 9: Musket, Poison Spikes, Spinning Spikes, Spawn Pad, Repeater Crossbow

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