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You are likely to have heard of the game of, which is among the most recent of the series of io games. In this game, the first weapon is the tool hammer. tool hammer features a lengthy brown colored rectangle having a grey colored rectangle for forming a hammer.

Technical Facts About Tool Hammer

As the primary item, the tool hammer is going to be reinstated quickly. It is capable of doing 25 damages in a single hit and it has a hit speed that equals that of “Short Sword” and “Katana.”

With the tool hammer, your movement velocity is speedier compared to with “sword” or “Katana,” the same as that of “Hand Axe,” while slower compared to “Great Axe.”

It moreover has an especially short-range, which makes it an enhanced resource massing weapon compared to a killing weapon. tool hammer

Strategy Of Tool Hammer

If you have this weapon:

You must attempt to keep away from combat and discover a high-quality place for mining resources.

You must move away right on sighting a foe player.

Due to this being the feeblest melee weapon of the game, it’s recommended to avoid holding on to it and upgrading it as speedily as likely.

As it has a speedy movement velocity, players having it can flee a good number of foes.

On a player being desperate for killing somebody, they must never continue swinging the hammer of theirs and rather swing when they’re sufficiently close for hitting the foe.

If you are up against a person with this weapon:

You require being belligerent against players having this weapon. Nearly any added Melee Weapon is superior to it.


It’s amongst the foremost items of the game.

When aged 2, the weapon gets upgraded to a hand axe, short sword, / polearm

In the event of 5,000 resources being gathered with it, it is going to become a “Golden Tool Hammer.” However, it’s extremely annoying to get hold of owing to the lack of harm dealt by the weapon as well as the low assembly pace of the weapon.

On 10,000 resources being amassed with the tool hammer it is going to become “Diamond Tool Hammer. The strongest sword in the game is the katana. This weapon can hit quite a long distance.

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