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In, you have to reinforce your character with the resources which you need to collect around. Then, you can build your own fortress and defend your lands. To increase the strength of your character, you must use accessories.

How to Buy Moomooio Accessories?

To have these accessories you have to collect gold because each accessory is sold at a store for a certain amount of gold. Some accessories don’t benefit you, so don’t buy them. Instead of buying them, you should get accessories or hats that provide more power to your character. In addition, you should not buy hats that do not provide extra power. When you wear an accessory, it will automatically appear behind your character and give you extra power. If you remove the accessory, it will not appear behind your character and will not give you extra powers. There are only 7 accessories that have an effect on your character. accessories Accessories List

There are many items in the game. If you know all items, it will be very easy to be the first in the game.

  1. Snowball – 1000 Gold – No effect
  2. Tree Cape – 1000 Gold – No effect
  3. Stone Cape – 1000 Gold – No effect
  4. Cookie Cape – 1500 Gold – No effect
  5. Cow Cape – 2000 Gold – No effect
  6. Monkey Tail – 2000 Gold – Increases your character’s speed but reduces your resistance to enemies.
  7. Apple Basket – 3000 Gold – If an enemy hits you, it will regenerate your 1 HP level per second.
  8. Winter Cape – 3000 Gold – No effect
  9. Skull Cape – 4000 Gold – No effect
  10. Dash Cape – 5000 Gold – No effect
  11. Dragon Cape – 6000 Gold – No effect
  12. Super Cape – 8000 Gold – No effect
  13. Troll Cape – 8000 Gold – No effect
  14. Thorns – 10000 Gold – No effect
  15. Blockades – 10000 Gold – No effect
  16. Devils Tail – 10000 Gold – No effect
  17. Sawblade – 12000 Gold – If an enemy shoots you with a melee weapon, this accessory deals 5 damage.
  18. Angel Wings – 15000 Gold – When an enemy hits you, this accessory regens 3 HP per second.
  19. Shadow Wings – 15000 Gold – Increases your character’s movement speed.
  20. Blood Wings – 20000 Gold – If an enemy hits you with a melee weapon, it reduces your damage by 20%
  21. Corrupt X Wings – 20000 Gold – If an enemy hits you with a melee weapon, this accessory reflects 25% of the enemy’s damage to the enemy.

When you get accessories that give you extra power to your character in, it will be easier to have the most gold in the game. You will be able to easily kill enemies and capture their gold. Thus, it will be very easy for you to get the first rank in the game. Many players usually use the Shadow Wings accessory in As the speed of movement of the players who use this accessory increases, the chances of catching the enemy they are chasing increase. There are also texture packs which you can combine with accessories.

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