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Similar to any other game, also has a number of items. When you start the game, you will not have access to all items, as you can only get them once you progress through various ages. With higher ages, and better tools, the difficulty level will also be high, which should be kept in mind.

The All Items At Age 1

As any user starts playing the game of, the all items will not be available at the age of one. But a few of the weapons, or the tools, which you can find at the age of one include a tool hammer, which can make a damage of 25. Apart from that, you can also get consumable apples, which can heal any kind of damage made to you. Apart from that, you will also get a wood wall, which can protect you against your opponents, spikes and windmill. Spikes will make damage, when an opponent comes in close to it, and windmill will generate gold from time to time. all items

At Age 2 Of The Game

When you move onto age 2 from the beginning, or age one, you can get a hand axe, which can make a lot of damage to your opponents, a small sword, which is also capable of making 35 damage rating, which is quite high and a polearm, which can make a maximum damage up to 45. Thus at age 2, you can get a number of powerful weapons, which can help you thrive on the territory of Still at the age 2 of the game, you will not get all items, as there are a number of ages, which you should cover.

At Age 3 And 4 Of The Game

At the age of three and four of the game, you can get consumable cookies, which can recover your health by 40 points, and the Stonewall which is bigger than the one, which you will get age one of the game. In addition, at age 4 of the game, you’ll get a trap to kill other opponents in the game, and a boost fat, which will help you to target any other opponent in the game. In the upper ages of the game, you can also unlock other items, and you can finally unlock all items at age 60.

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