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When you play the games, you will surely be in need of the best weapon. The best weapons can help in winning the game easily.

Weapons will be the tools in Moomooio; they’re the Player’s main way of amassing Resources, attacking players, and protecting himself. There are two types of Ranged, Melee, and weapons. While some are Main some firearms are Secondary. Using weapons will bring about a speed decrease. Best Weapon

Ruby Weapons

Generally, weapons have different levels. At the top of these levels are ruby weapons. Ruby Weapons will be the group of weapons from the game. They were previously unobtainable before version 1.6.4, along with a joke from the developer, exactly enjoy the Goldfish and the very first mention of this Diamond Weapons, that was added afterward. Such as the Diamond Weapons, nevertheless, they were inserted in version 1.6.4 for amassing 12,000 Resources, being such as the bead ones to get the 18% additional damage, also carrying five bleed damage per second for 5 minutes (25 total harm). best weapon

Gold Weapons

Gold Weapons are a new feature included in in Version 0.82. IT is considered to be one of best weapon. They can do 10% more damage (following the variant 0.83) and colors the Weapons gold. Whenever they get 5,000 tools gold weapons will probably be rewarded with the participant. In version 0.84 that the 10% increased harm rounds normally rather than down, for the ones which are not a multiple of 10. In variant 0.891, their demand has been reduced from 10,000 to 5,000 funds and then to 3,000 resources. The coming of Diamond Weapons (And Ruby later on.) Made Gold Weapons less workable.

The Best Way To Buy Gold Weapons ( Best Weapon)

You have to get a total of 3,000 tools You do not need to have 3k resources to win. You might have consumed 1k food you than farmed 2k meals and obtained the golden weapon) while you’ve got the weapon in your hands. The gold you receive from players does not rely upon, however gold by a Gold Mine Wood, Food, Stone do.

Diamond Weapons

Diamond Weapons, also called Diamond Variants, would be the next group of weapons from the game. Acquiring 7,000 resources can are the versions of these Golden Variants and receives them. Highlights and their blades are all performed in Diamond, and times are with appearances from their predecessors. Ruby Weapons’ coming has made Diamond Weapons workable.

As of version 0.86, the Diamond Upgrade will 18 percent more harm than the weapon basic version and 8 percent greater than the Golden Variants. You can try out the various versions and choose the best weapon.

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