Hunting Bow hunting bow hunting bow is the name of an unlockable item, offered as a substitute for “Wooden Shield” and “great hammer” when in the 6th age. Its structure is a brown bow and it’s hooked up with black colored string. In-game an arrow is on top of it when you happen to run out of wood. Hunting Bow – Technical Facts hunting bow lets the player discharge arrows at foes from lengthy distances and outside harm’s way. Arrows inflict 25 damage, 4 hits slaying a foe at complete health. Firing from the Bow costs Arrows 4 Wood. The Bow isn’t resourceful against Structures because they are going to only just damage wooden walls. Hunting Bow Tactic/Strategy hunting bow is nearly a necessity for PvP since it lets you pin down foes in bases and combat from far away /you can alter it with Boost Pad & play using katana such that you close up the gap that separates you from an archer and slay him.

With adequate skill, one is able to anticipate where foes ought to be without really viewing them. Kiting a foe with no bow will nearly certainly bring about their death except for them having a shield. hunting bow

“Bow” can be an extremely potent secondary weapon when made use of with the Katana, since it can be made use of for finishing players off following 2 hits with “Katana.”. great hammer is usually used to collect resources.


On being initially released, it did not require any Wood for firing an arrow. That had been changed soon following release for costing 5 Wood and lastly 10 Wood for firing a single arrow. However, on a different update, it has come back to 5. However, afterward, the bow had been buffed and altered to 4. Marksman Cap boosts up arrow velocity and ranges significantly in

However it is plus point, a foe having the shield can overcome you without problems and thus so melee/ run in the event of foe having a shield. Amassing 5,000 resources is going to transform it into “Gold Hunting Bow.” Nevertheless, the Bow is unable to mine resources up till now, thus this is only a possibility by the killing of animals.

Amassing 10,000 resources is going to make the hunting bow a “Diamond Hunting Bow.” This is a possibility by the killing of animals.

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