Stick Weapon stick Stick has become a necessity among the people for getting through the game. It helps a lot in passing the different tiers or levels. It is a second-generation weapon that deals one damage, strikes every 0.4 seconds and collects seven tools per strike. Equip using the Monkey Tail for 0.3 damage.

Technical Stick faces one damage per strike.

The Stick gathers seven tools for each strike.

The Stick can hit once every 0.4 seconds.

The Stick enables the player to manoeuvre at a 100% rate.

The Stick is unlocked in Age 2 instead of the Brief Sword, Hand Axe, Daggers, Polearm along with the Bat.

Types Of Stick

There are normally four variant or kinds of the Stick that include, crimson, gold, diamond and normal. stick

Golden Variant

The Golden Stick deals with the same harm as the¬† Stick; the one distinction is the fact that it’s coloured Gold. It is the easiest Gold weapon to acquire if mining tools the manner that is conventional. Far slower when grinding turrets owing to its harm that is reduced.

Diamond Variant

The Diamond Stick is the same thing because the pole is normal, but it’s coloured blue. It is as simple to acquire the Diamond Variant because of the version.

The Strategy for Utilizing Stick

It’s much better to find a secondary weapon, like a Bow Since the Stick is feeble in itself. Because of the number, your Bow will go from arrows.

You might also use rate improving accessories and hats, such as Monkey Tail Booster Hat and Shadow Wings. This gives you quick speed and lets you fire along with your bow (Repeater Crossbow is perfect here owing to the rapid speed), thus letting you shoot your enemies and flee immediately.

You might also utilize Pit Traps or Turrets against weaker enemies (not recommended if you are against a bunch of enemies) to damage/trap them and finish them off with your bow.

It’s not advised to utilize the Stick, unless at a group, on account of the simple fact that if you do not decide on the Hunting Bow route, you cope minimum DPS (2.5 for the Stick, and 10 for your Great Hammer should you receive it). In the course you wind up in a Pit Trap, and do not select at Great Hammer, it is going to take you two Minutes and 40 Seconds to split out, more than enough for somebody to come along and kill you.

Do not use the rod in sandbox mode, since you do not have to throw anything. The Stick is quite useful as it supplies a lot of resources necessary to construct the buildings when creating a foundation. In addition, there are a lot of weapons in the game. In addition, the fastest weapon in the game is daggers.

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