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If you have been wondering what food is all about when it comes to food games, they worry no more because here we are! Now, in real life situations, food is meant for the stomach and the stomach is for food. Now coming back to game, it is one of the crucial resources. On the other hand, there are specific foods. Such foods include cookies, cheese, and apples. Food is meant to uphold the wellbeing of a player just like in real life situations.

Techniques of Acquiring Food Resource

Considering how important food is, it is also important to be well seasoned when it comes to how we can acquire food. Firstly, you can acquire food by clicking or simply hitting the food bush icon. Sometimes, the bush might look like cactus and it doesn’t matter how you hit it. The bush will help you obtain the food at any given time. The other simplest way or technique of obtaining food is by hunting down mobs and killing them for food. The mobs here are animals that can be eaten as food. Killing mobs is very interesting and in fact, it will appear like you are on a hunting spree. Food is always represented by an apple like image. food

Health Benefits of Foods

In the food game, you need to be aware of what each type of food means to your health. For instance, cheese, cookies, and apples have different abilities as far as curing poison effects is concerned. You, therefore, need to be aware of the fact that with cheese, you can actually heal 80times faster. With cookies, you heal 40 times faster and with apples, you heal 20 times faster. It is very crucial to master these technical factors so that your gaming can be an unforgettable experience.

  • Apples heal 20 health
  • Cookies heal 40 health
  • Cheese heals 80 health while curing Poison effects

What Tools Do You Need in Food Gathering? food gathering is not a task that you can’t simply do by hand. You need some tools but not all tools are applicable to this particular game. One of the tools that can help you gather food faster is the hand axe. This supplement covers the work of daggers as well. When gathering Moomooio food, make sure that you pick a hand axe or a dagger then hit the food bush with it. Other tools include samurai armor and the miners’ helmet. Also, you can build a castle for food gathering, so you can protect your character against opponents. You can collect more food when your character is at safe place.

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