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“Katana” is the name of an offensive weapon that was incorporated in the Moomooio update 0.68. It’s among the numerous weapons that have been created following the model alteration of 0.37. This is the upgraded type of “Short Sword” and is receivable at the Age of 8. The katana is the name of an encounter weapon that develops from “Short Sword,” with enhanced range & damage. Katana Design katana is characterized by a wooden shaft that has a length of approximately that of the blade itself and features a wooden brown color. The color of the blade is grey.

Technical Facts Of Katana

It is capable of dealing 40 damage and this is the maximum melee damage that one is capable of dealing in this game in a single strike the present with no hats, / acquiring “gold variant. katana inflicts 60 damage with a bull helmet.

  • Lessens move pace by 20%, which makes it somewhat slower compared to “Short Sword.”
  • Mining of 5,000 resources by the use of the Katana is going to make it become “Gold Katana.”
  • Mining of 10,000 resources with “Katana” is going to make it become “Diamond Katana.” katana


On account of the enhanced range, it becomes simpler to double- as well as triple-strike resources and this could facilitate resource gathering.

An element of “anti-archer” tactic kit, the whole being: katana, shield, & Boost Pads.

Due to it slowing movement, “shield” makes an excellent secondary. For fixing this problem, proceed with the equipping of the booster hat/ shadow wings /both.

You also have the option of using “Great Hammer” for returning to the usual speed.

In the event of the player being keen on playing the tank, the finest kit is katana, soldier hat, & shield.

A blend of “Katana” and “Hunting Bow” can be extremely strong, since “Katana” can be made use of for dealing enormous damage to players while “Hunting Bow” can be made use of for finishing players off.

“Katana” isn’t extremely advanced than “great axe,” as each takes 3 hits for killing a player who is unarmed. “Katana” has a range that is far superior to “Great Axe” though. katana is also a better choice for the killing of animals.

The finest hat to this blend is “Samurai Armor,” since it boosts up hit speed of “ katana” as arrow fire rate of “Hunting Bow.” If you want to destroy buildings faster, you should use the tool hammer.

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