Browsing: Items Items wooden shield Wooden Shield wooden shield is a self-protective weapon incorporated in update 0.41. On being aimed properly, it is capable of blocking arrows totally and reducing 80% of the melee Items hunting bow Hunting Bow hunting bow is the name of an unlockable item, offered as a substitute for “Wooden Shield” and “great hammer” when in the 6th age. Its structure Items crossbow Crossbow crossbow is a resourceful offensive weapon that had been incorporated in update 0.68. The weapon gets upgraded from “Hunting Bow” and necessitates it to appear at the Items great axe Great Axe

“Great Axe” in the game of plays the part of a self-protective weapon incorporated in update 0.68. great axe is a weapon in the game of Items katana Katana

“Katana” is the name of an offensive weapon that was incorporated in the update 0.68. It’s among the numerous weapons that have been created following the model